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The WISE Prosperity Planner—a new benefit of WISE Membership.
More than 300 pages of L. Ron Hubbard Management solutions, guidance and tools.
Section by section, it is laid out in a perfect gradient.
It organizes and guides your day!
It provides exact direction to analyze the past week and plan the week ahead.
There's a complete supply of Weekly Battle Plan forms.
Daily production graphs.
Daily battle plans, appointments, quotes of the day.
Direction and guidance on setting targets and objectives.
Plan ahead with the Monthly Calendars.
The Seven-Division Organizing Board
folds out to give you Organizing Board details quickly.
The Basic Tools of Management
are fully defined and described.
The Data Series unfolds with the Evaluator's Know-How Chart in full.
Numerous LRH principles and quotes at your finger tips.
Plus everything else you'd expect from a complete planner.

Few things are more frustrating than realizing at day's end that little or nothing of real importance got done. And when those days become weeks, the weeks become months, and your lifelong goals begin to drift out of reach—effective planning and smart organization are imperative.

The WISE Prosperity Planner solves these issues and more. Employing the powerful fundamentals of L. Ron Hubbard's management technology, the WISE Prosperity Planner brings focus, sanity, efficiency and prosperity to your career—AND YOUR LIFE!

Daily Battle Plans

Executive Series 7 Daily Graphs

Key LRH Principles & Articles

Weekly Battle Plans

The Basic Tools of Management

Fold-out Organizing Board

Weekly Graphs

Daily LRH Quotes

Fold-out Evaluator Know-How Chart

And much, much more!

"I have been searching for and trying out 'time planners' for years now. The Prosperity Planner IS the ultimate time planning system. In addition to the fact of being based on fundamental LRH references, the physical Planner itself is truly a work of art, and by far the most aesthetic planner I have ever laid my hands on.

"And the awesome part of all this is I had no idea this was even in the works. It arrived at my house today and my jaw dropped when I pulled it out of the box. The presentation itself blew me away. But, going through the entire Planner, reviewing its contents and the system totally blew me away. This is definitely going to be attached to me at the hip from here on out.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is truly exchanging in abundance with the WISE Membership." —R.S.

"BEAUTIFUL, elegant, perfect. It has all the essential management tools I need to manage my business, right in a compact, available form so I can have all essentials right at my fingertips. We've already done a new Admin Scale 1 day after receiving it!" —L.F.

"Having a single tool that can keep me focused on my goals and plans is something I have been looking for for a long time. I have tried using many traditional organizing and schedule management systems and have never found something that fit well with LRH's tech. This is great! Also I was astounded with the presentation. Great packaging and walkthrough." —J.B.


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"Having used planners for 30 years, I must say this is an AMAZING piece of work. This is by far the best planner I have ever had in my career." —P.V.

"I can't thank you enough for the WISE Prosperity Planner. It rocks! I have doubled my production with its use." —G.H.

"I don't know where to begin. It is honestly the best admin product I've ever seen. I was blown away. The very best thing is the way it coordinates these fantastic admin tools to dispel confusion and calmly guide." —H.R.

"It's very nice. The quality is unbeatable. It is truly amazing. What a nice surprise! I like the quick hatting included. I can read a little bit every day. Everything has been thought through with this product." —G.P.

"I am currently at it, putting it into use as per the nine steps of the 'Getting Started' manual and 'Weekly Prosperity Checklist'.

"This is absolutely fantastic. And exactly what I, and I am certain others, have been looking for.

"This planner integrates everything in proper order. So thank you very much for this outstanding and very up-stat product." —G.R.

"Excellent exchange! Over and above what I expected to get. It's going to be with me at work everyday so I can't forget or avoid it. It has effectively increased my commitment to my own business activities. The Planner has real Wow Factor... Nice havingness. Thanks." —H.V.S.

"I would like to say thank you for providing such an amazing tool. This Planner has such a wealth of information for a business person. I am just starting my business and already I have more tools than someone who has been working for many years longer than I have. This will assist me and urge me to apply what I need to grow and succeed. :) " —G.J.

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